SPQA is a 501(c) (3) Non-Profit Organization managed by an Executive Director and a volunteer Board of Directors, and is one of many state programs affiliated with the nation’s Baldrige Performance Excellence Program. In a non-partisan role, Virginia’s United States Senators serve as Honorary Chairpersons and assist in program promotion and recognition of Award recipients.


Virginia SPQA’s corporate By-Laws set its governance standards. Its Fiscal Year follows the calendar year. Directors and Officers serve annual terms and are elected or re-elected at its December Annual Meeting where budgets and other plans are adopted. The Board of Directors sets policy and plans for day-to-day matters and the Program’s future. The Executive Director, SPQA’s only paid employee, supports the Board under the direction of the Chair. Board Members represent the vast array of Program constituencies and are responsible for ensuring Program sustainability and innovation. Board Members are subject to non-disclosure and other ethics requirements. Virginia SPQA files annual Internal Revenue Service non-profit tax returns available for public inspection along with filings to the Virginia Department of Agriculture’s Department of Consumer Affairs. Financial support comes primarily from modest participant fees and Sponsor donations. Members of the public are encouraged to contact us with questions about how the organization is governed and/or request copies of any public filings.

Board of Directors

Mrs. Claudia Butler
Vice Chair for Strategy
Ms. Henri Tosoc-Haskell
Vice Chair for Operations
Ms. Julia Lent
Marcia Harrington, PhD
Executive Director