SPQA is committed to providing training and mentoring to individuals and organizations interested in continuous improvement and performance excellence.  The Education & Training program offers introductory, specialized and customized workshops and seminars, as well as Examiner level training.

Our team of experienced examiners and facilitators can present a variety of workshops based on the Baldrige Excellence Framework, and designed to meet the needs of individuals and organizations seeking to learn or expand understanding of the Framework concepts, and Criteria.

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Baldrige for Beginners

In this Introductory course, SPQA offers an opportunity for individuals and organizations to learn the foundations of the Baldrige Excellence Framework using the Baldrige Excellence Builder to help achieve long-term success. The Baldrige Performance Excellence Framework is a national model for performance excellence. Through questions, the Framework guides organizations to a systemic and integrated perspective…

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Our Board of Examiners

Below are the names of the individuals who sacrificed time and family to review and provide helpful feedback to the organizations that submitted an application for the Senate Productivity and Quality Award. These persons comprise the esteemed membership of our Board of Examiners. We post their names here in recognition of the significant investment in…

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The Examiner Process

Thank you for your interest in becoming a SPQA Examiner. Conducting an examination of an outside organization is the best way to learn how to apply the Baldrige Excellence Framework in your organization. The team approach focuses on the examination process and on building examiner skills in using the Framework. The 2021 Examiner Guide provides…

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Education & Training

EDUCATION Overview – Baldrige Excellence Framework & SPQA: An SPQA ambassador will provide a    1-hour overview of the use of the Framework, and how SPQA may help your organization begin or expand its efforts toward organizational excellence.  Sessions are schedule at the convenience of the host organization. We request 10-day advance notice to schedule…

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Workshops, coming soon!

Baldrige Excellence Framework Workshops: These sessions provide an introduction to the Baldrige Excellence Framework, concepts and Criteria.  Using the Case Study of a fictitious organization, the training includes large group discussion, and small group exercises to help participants learn or expand their understanding of the Criteria and how it may assist their individual or organizational…

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Programs, Services and Costs

Is your organization seeking more effective and efficient ways to achieve excellent results? SPQA can help. SPQA is affiliated with the national Baldrige Performance Excellence Program (BPEP) and conducts training and workshops on the Baldrige Criteria and Framework to help organizations in their improvement efforts. The Baldrige Framework is used by organizations of all sizes,…

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Baldrige Training 2020

Our one-day Baldrige Framework and Criteria Training workshop is offered at least four times per year. This is a hands-on study of the most current Baldrige Framework and Criteria by qualified trainers with participants sharing how they would respond to the criteria.  Our 2020 programs are scheduled for Richmond, Alexandria, and Norfolk, with additional programs…

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Custom Training

SPQA taps the extensive experience of our volunteer Examiner and Board Members to provide a wide variety of customized training for your organization.  The training sessions are customized to support your organization’s unique situation and your goals around continuous improvement and the the use of the Baldrige Excellence Framework.   Customized training may include: Sessions 4…

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