Discovery is a six-month program designed to introduce organizations and their leaders to a business improvement framework based on the Baldrige Excellence Framework; it often is the first step for an organization interested in applying for the SPQA Award program.

Virginia SPQA provides Discovery participants assistance that is not provided SPQA Award applicants. This assistance includes an introductory workshop on the Baldrige Excellence Framework and a trained and experienced mentor who will help the organization understand the Baldrige Framework and the SPQA Discovery process. We provide the template for you to enter your responses to the Baldrige Questions  which becomes your organizational self-assessment. The self-assessment is reviewed by a team of trained and experienced examiners who conduct an objective evaluation and  prepare a Feedback report. Discovery organizations also receive an optional post-Feedback teleconference with the examiner team and the assigned mentor.

Participating in the Discovery Program involves significantly less effort than participating in the SPQA Award Program and, because of the organizational learning and gaps identified, many organizations first participate in Discovery and, after learning about and addressing opportunities for improvement identified in the feedback report, apply for the Award program in a subsequent year.



Discovery or Award?

Some organizations question which program would be best for them? The answer depends on where they are in their journey to performance excellence. Organizations should consider: where the organization is today relative to addressing the full range of the Baldrige Excellence Framework, and how much time the organization is willing to invest relative to the quality…

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How to Participate in Discovery

SPQA’s Discovery program is a partnership between SPQA and your organization. We will be with you every step of the way. The documents below can help you decide if this is the right step for you. The Discovery Guide provides details on the process. If you decide to participate, complete and submit the Intent to…

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