The Discovery Program provides a means to explore how the Baldrige Excellence Framework and Virginia SPQA can help improve an organization’s performance. The written feedback and optional teleconference are perfect for organizations interested in a less complex, but still thought provoking approach to Self-Assessment. While there is no award, Discovery participants are recognized at Virginia SPQA’s Annual Forum for Excellence.

Discovery is offered year-around. Discovery is also available to a wider group of organizations not traditionally eligible for participation in the Award Program. There is a modest participation fee.

Needed to Participate

Organizations will need two documents available for download.

  1. The Discovery Guide (PDF) provides details on both the process and how the Self-Assessment and Feedback are conducted.
  2. The Intent to ApplyForm (MS Word) must be provided prior to the Self-Assessment submission.

Discovery or Award

Some organizations question which program would be best given where they are in the journey to performance excellence. The answer depends on:

  1. where the organization is today relative to addressing the full range of the Baldrige Excellence Framework, and
  2. how much time the organization is willing to invest relative to the quality of feedback it gets. Participation in the Award Program almost always provides a richer experience and perhaps an SPQA Medallion, but only if the organization is ready and willing to invest the time.


Discovery Guide (PDF)
Intent to Apply (MS Word)
Self-Assessment Form (MS Word)