SPQA’s Award Program is its premier offering. Authorized in 1982 by Resolution, SPQA (the United States Senate Productivity and Quality Award) pre-dates the National Baldrige Program and is the oldest continuous state program of its type. Virginia SPQA administers the Award Program on behalf of the Commonwealth of Virginia’s US Senators who serve as Honorary Chairpersons.

Organizations receive extraordinary learning by applying the Baldrige Excellence Framework self-assessment through an Award application. This effort, coupled with independent examiner feedback which highlights strengths and opportunities for improvement is a unique learning experience which if otherwise outsourced could easily translate to significant consultant costs. The SPQA Medallion Award is recognition of being among the best performing organizations in the Commonwealth and the District of Columbia. In addition to improving organizational pride, SPQA Medallion winners use the Baldrige Excellence Framework as a management tool to improve relationships with customers, stakeholders, and employees. Winners also can use their award to validate excellent performance with rating agencies and other independent entities.

Businesses, large and small, and all organizations in the public, private, nonprofit, healthcare education and government sectors are eligible to apply. Eligibility is intended to be as open as possible to all organizations. While SPQA primarily serves organizations located in the District of Columbia and the Commonwealth of Virginia, organizations in other states or territories may apply.

Organizations interested in a less-intense yet, equally rich organizational self-assessment and examiner feedback based on the Baldrige Framework and Criteria, may be interested in applying for our lower tier program called Discovery. Many organizations participate in the Discovery program as preparation for a subsequent Award application.

If you are interested in applying for the SPQA Medallion Award or wish to learn more about the SPQA Award Program, email the Award Program Director at programs.services@spqa-va.org or call 703-786-8671. Additional details about SPQA’s Award program may be found in the How to Apply post, below.


SPQA Award Winners by Economic Sector, 1983-Current

  Congratulations to our latest recipients of awards from the SPQA-VA. Winners since our inception are presented below. Organizations have been applying for the Senate Productivity and Quality Award since 1983. Recognition and feedback are given to all applicants. Recipients of the Medallion award — our top award — are those exceptional organizations that have…

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