Trainers, the Key to our Training and Mentoring Programs

SPQA’s success and the success of the organizations it serves depends in great part on the dedication and the service of its volunteer Trainers and Mentors. We want to thank our Trainers for the ongoing support they provide the SPQA Examination process and our training customers.

Trainers come from all professions and have a wide variety of experiences. They all share a mutual love of helping others to better understand the Baldrige Excellence Framework. The team provides training for Examiners as part of the annual examination process, provides Baldrige Criteria training through our quarterly criteria training offerings, and mentors organizations as they work to align their processes with the Baldrige Excellence Framework. Trainers are drawn from our Board of Examiners. All have extensive experience in the practical aspects of supporting organizations with improvement as well as the examination process.

Our Trainers

Beth Edwards

Beth Edwards has two decades’ experience in promoting and supporting organizational excellence, process improvement, effective change management, operations planning and oversight, and staff development. Currently serving as the Senior Performance Improvement Specialist at United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS), she is responsible for enterprise-wide internal improvement efforts and provides a monthly educational offering on improvement-related…

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Clyneice Chaney

Clyneice Chaney – Principal Systems Engineer with MITRE brings over 30 years of testing, quality management, process improvement experience with broad-based knowledge in software and systems engineering topics including: project management, organizational change/process reengineering, organizational assessment and improvement, and software engineering training. She’s a regular presenter at international conferences and holds certifications from the American Society for Quality…

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Kimberly Bond

Kimberly Bond blends financial fluency, operations acumen and strategic innovation to help organizations optimize performance. As a Healthcare Operations and Business Strategist, Kimberly’s expertise spans a wide range—from data analytics and workforce development to project management, staffing models and process improvement. During her tenure at Centra Health, Inc. in Lynchburg, Virginia, Kimberly served as Manager…

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Victoria McNamee

Victoria McNamee (DDS, MPH); trained dentist, data analyst, system engineer, process improvement analyst, and management consultant. Received original education in dentistry with residency in orthodontics and later immigrated to the USA where she earned her master’s degree in management in Public Health from George Washington University (GWU). Upon graduation, Victoria leveraged her new skills set to support those with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities as well…

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Henri Haskell

Henrisa (“Henri”) Tosoc-Haskell. As a Senior Leader at the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS), “Henri” is responsible for the internal quality efforts for the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) and the external quality efforts nationally for the Organ Procurement Transplant Network known as the OPTN. As the organizational leader for quality, she provides…

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