A Program to Help Virginia’s Small Businesses Reach Their Full Potential

OTW is an outgrowth of the 2011-12 SPQA “12 to Watch” program. It is an initiative designed to help Small Businesses reach their long-term potential of sustainability and growth.

Each of these small businesses is introduced to the Baldrige Performance Excellence Framework – a nationally recognized business model for continuous quality improvement and performance excellence.  The “Ones to Watch” small businesses begin their experience by completing a Discovery organizational profile and self-assessment questionnaire which focuses on processes impacting leadership, strategy, customers, measurement/IT, workforce, operations, and results. The initiative also offers a SPQA independent evaluation and feedback report. An assigned mentor guides the small business throughout the OTW experience and helps identify resources to assist in the development and implementation of a personalized business performance improvement plan.

2019 OTW 3rd Cohort Resources

The 3rd OTW Cohort is using several resources to drive their journey to organizational excellence. It begins with a survey of leadership, which helps to establish a baseline and begins to identify possible areas of improvement. This is followed by the Discovery process, which deepens understanding and provides the information necessary to develop improvement plans….

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