Mary Redd-Clary, PhD.

Mary Redd-Clary, Ph.D. led numerous organizations and departments to continuous improvement as a director, manager, trainer, mentor, and coach over her professional government career with the Department of Navy and Department of Army. In her last position as Director of the Navy Voluntary Education Program (GS15), she supervised staffs in Navy College Offices located world-wide and a virtual education call center. During this tenure, she ensured the efficient execution of Department of Defense education policies along with the Navy’s multi-million dollar college tuition assistance program and led the Navy College Distance Learning Partnership of over 30 colleges and universities. Additionally she’s given speeches and delivered presentations for a variety of events to include college graduation ceremonies and professional forums such as Navy’s Learning Strategies Symposiums, Triennial Department of Defense World-Wide Education symposiums, Council of Colleges and Military Education conferences, and Advisory Council on Military Education. She is the recipient of the Superior Civilian Service and Meritorious Civilian Service medals.

Since retirement from government service, Dr. Redd-Clary enjoys her responsibilities as an adjunct assistant professor in the Old Dominion University Strome College of Business and as a board member for the Virginia U.S. Senate Productivity and Quality Award program. She is also an advocate for several non-profit organizations, to include the Old Dominion University Friends of the Library and the Chesapeake Unit of Parliamentarians.