Srikumar “Kumar” Bala

Srikumar “Kumar” Bala has a distinguished career spearheading digital transformation, leveraging AI, blockchain, and cloud technologies to drive operational excellence and market expansion. His commitment to building strong, capable teams and embracing risk over complacency speaks to the persistent challenges faced by Finance, Pension & Investment industry challenges.

Kumar is truly a collaborative leader who consistently emphasizes teamwork, accountability, and trust, treats everyone with dignity and respect, and makes work enjoyable. He has an open and transparent management style that both supports and challenges team members, providing clear objectives, empowerment, and rewards for exceptional performance. With his many past contributions as a foundation, he looks forward to the challenge of adapting quickly to a new environment and continuing his record of leadership, performance, and personal accomplishment.

Kumar has worked with clients across a variety of organizations including global enterprise software vendors, financial institutions, and public sector organizations. Kumar often works with C-level executives, board of directors and financial organizations to analyze current IT exposure, create IT roadmaps and develop digital transformation strategies.

Kumar earned a Master’s in computer science degree from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, and an M.B.A. degree from the University of Maryland. He also holds an Executive Education (CTO Program) from Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania.