Programs, Services and Costs

Is your organization seeking more effective and efficient ways to achieve excellent results?

SPQA can help.

SPQA is affiliated with the national Baldrige Performance Excellence Program (BPEP) and conducts training and workshops on the Baldrige Criteria and Framework to help organizations in their improvement efforts. The Baldrige Framework is used by organizations of all sizes, in all sectors to achieve performance excellence. It is an integrated approach to organizational performance management resulting in increased value to all stakeholders, organizational sustainability, and effectiveness.

SPQA conducts a variety of services and training on the Baldrige framework.

SPQA Programs,  Services, and Costs:

  •  Introduction to Baldrige and SPQA: A Baldrige and SPQA expert comes to your location to speak with members of your organizational leadership about the Baldrige Framework and highlights how use of the framework can help your organization. We also speak to professional associations about our organization, Baldrige, and SPQA services,
    • 1-hour program – Free of charge


  • Criteria Training: These workshops are offered  ~ 4 times per year to the general public at a cost of $210 per person. Registration information is posted on our website and calls for registration are sent via our email list.


  •  Award Program: This is SPQA’s signature offering. Organizations complete a rigorous self-assessment application for the prestigious SPQA Medallion award, and receive an in-depth review and site visit by a team of examiners who prepare a feedback report identifying organizational strengths and opportunities for improvement. The award program is an annual process beginning with submission of an “Intent to Apply”, due early November. Annual process. Cost is a function of organization size. 
    • $7,000 for orgs with > 100 FTE.
    • $5,500 for orgs with < =100 FTE. 
    • Site Visit  is an additional cost – $2,500.


  •  Discovery Program: This is a less rigorous program than the award application, but equally valuable, organizational improvement program during which organizations receive training and learn about the Baldrige Framework, and are assigned a qualified mentor to help guide understanding of the Baldrige Framework and help complete a streamlined self-assessment. The self-assessment is reviewed by a team of trained and experienced examiners who will provide valuable feedback for improvement. Many organizations first engage in Discovery as a precursor to completing an application for the SPQA Medallion award. The examiner review and feedback report provide insight to what might need to be addressed to produce a top-notch self-assessment application for the award program.
    • Open year round; 6-month engagement. 
    • $1,750.
    • Site visit, if desired, is an additional cost – $2,500.


  •  Ones to Watch (OTW): OTW is a partnership with Virginia’s Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity. It provides a Baldrige experience for Virginia-based, for-profit, small businesses. SPQA mentors work with OTW businesses (selected by the Commonwealth) to conduct a self-assessment and develop an improvement plan.
    • Organizations are selected by the Commonwealth of Virginia.
    • Grant funded.
    • No cost to organizations.


  •  Customized training, education, and mentoring programs: SPQA will work with organizations to create customized programs and workshops to meet specific educational and training needs. Customized programs may include covering the basics of the Baldrige Framework, a focus on the organizational self-assessment and the organizational profile, a deep dive into organizational results, or getting the most from your Baldrige feedback report. We are flexible, and can accommodate almost any Baldrige-related education need. Cost is a function of organizational needs and services provided, and ranges from $210 to $315/per person which is negotiable, and a required minimum of 10 participants.

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