U.S. Senate Productivity and Quality Award

for Virginia and DC

Our Mission

The mission of Virginia SPQA is to promote continual improvement strategies and to provide training, mentoring, and recognition to organizations in pursuit of performance excellence.

SPQA is charged with administering the U.S. Senate Productivity and Quality Award recognizing the highest caliber of performance excellence.

Our Work

Virginia SPQA fulfills its mission through the Award program and other lower-tier and mentoring programs. We provide Award applicants a comprehensive, low-cost organizational performance evaluation and an extensive feedback report. We train individuals to become experts at assessing and evaluating an entire organization based on the Baldrige Performance Excellence Framework and Criteria, and we conduct Baldrige-based workshops. See our Pathways to Excellence link in Services for our tiered approach to winning the award.

Our Story

Since 1982, Virginia SPQA has served organizations of all sizes from all sectors, and honored over 80 organizations with the prestigious Medallion Award in recognition of their achievement of performance excellence. We have trained hundreds of Examiners in the Baldrige criteria and methodologies to serve our Awards program and to support their own organization’s journey to performance excellence.

Covid19 and SPQA

Virginia SPQA is still here for you. Let us help you pivot to remain resilient.

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It is imminently clear that workforce, operations, supply chains and more have been affected by the pandemic and that as organizations are able to resurface and rejoin the economy, it may be a challenge to regain the traction they once had.

As you continue looking at new ways of doing things or doing new things, remember that SPQA is here to help. The holistic nature of the Baldrige approach and its supporting framework can be a very helpful way for you to reassess your footing in the new economy.