COVID-19 Effects

We are doing our part to keep COVID-19 from spreading. We have cancelled face-to-face training and events indefinitely and are creating virtual training and a virtual Forum for delivery November, 2020. We are learning right along with you and working hard to ensure continued rigor and integrity of our SPQA programs.

The impact on our organizations of the Covid pandemic is not yet completely known; however, it is imminently clear that workforce, strategy, operations, supply chains, effectiveness, customer satisfaction, leadership and more have been affected. We recognize that when we all are able to resurface and rejoin the economy, it may be a challenge to regain the traction we once had. We will all be looking at new ways of doing things in our new economy.

We, at SPQA, believe that the holistic nature of the Baldrige approach and its supporting framework that involves the voices of all stakeholders, can be a very helpful way for you to reassess your footing in the new economy.


Reach to us if you have any questions or thoughts on how we can help your organization.