2024 February Spotlight

Kim Humphrey

At SPQA, our support in helping organizations on their journey to excellence leverages the talents and experiences of our volunteer workforce. Each workforce member has a unique story to tell. In this article we have interviewed Kim Humphrey to get her story.
Why did you choose to become a Board Member for SPQA? 

I have been a SPQA board member for over 25 years, probably one of the longest board members.  A coworker introduced me to Baldrige when I worked in the automotive parts manufacturing business many years ago. I took my first criteria training and was instantly hooked. I then became an examiner and found such value in learning from the criteria and from learning from others. I later joined the SPQA board to help share the message of performance excellence with other companies in Virginia and since have become a national Baldrige examiner. I heard someone say recently that no matter how long you are involved with Baldrige, you are always leaning something new and that is true.

What has been the most enjoyable aspect of being a Board Member?
Listening and learning from other board members, the examiners,  and the companies themselves. It is particularly fun when you see that “aha” moment when an organization gets it. Even if an organization only completes their organizational profile, it is such an incredible learning experience for them.

What is your primary goal for learning from this experience?
I love that Baldrige always challenges me to learn more and dig deeper. I have learned more of the “how” to see. The seven categories combined with the core values are embedded in high-performing organizations. This framework helps improve organizational performance and sustainable results and has helped me with my organization. My goal is to continually learn.

What have you gained from serving as a Board Member?
Lifelong connections in performance excellence and the best set of tools for performance excellence.

What is your greatest passion outside of your professional life?
I am an avid volunteer, particularly when it comes to animals, hence my numerous  “foster failures”.  I also am very passionate about work life balance and how important that is to everyone. When you find a passion, whether it be Baldrige or fostering, it brings you to a place where life is just good.