2023 July Spotlight

Joe Boutte

At SPQA, our support in helping organizations on their journey to excellence leverages the talents and experiences of our volunteer workforce. Each workforce member has a unique story to tell. In this article we have interviewed Joe Boutte  to get his story.

Why did you choose to become a Board Member for SPQA?

After supporting SPQA as an Examiner, BOSS Administrator, and Scorebook Navigator Administrator, I wanted to contribute in a different capacity to shape SPQA’s path in the post-pandemic world. With organizations becoming more agile, it’s crucial for the application of the Baldrige Criteria to align with the speed of business and operations. Drawing from my diverse experiences as a consultant, soldier, and business owner, I believe I can bring valuable perspectives to the board and enhance its leadership diversity.

What has been the most enjoyable aspect of being a Board Member?

Since joining SPQA in 2015, my greatest pleasure has always been collaborating with the team, volunteers, and professionals from various fields. The people associated with SPQA are what make the experience truly rewarding for me.

What is your primary goal for learning from this experience?

In every situation and opportunity, I prioritize learning and collaborating with colleagues to drive progress, efficiency, and success. My aim is to acquire insights into the operations of a non-profit organization, discover the keys to success, and learn how to sustain and expand the organization’s impact.

What have you gained from serving as a Board Member?

Serving as a Board Member has provided me with valuable connections to new colleagues, fresh ideas, and the opportunity to tap into the collective expertise of other board members. Whether through in-person meetings, virtual interactions, or email discussions, I have gained invaluable insights into SPQA’s operations. The unique perspectives shared by fellow Board Members, based on their own career journeys, have been enlightening for SPQA’s work and mission.

What is your greatest passion outside of your professional life?

My passion, pursued with great enthusiasm, lies in traveling and immersing myself in diverse cultures, histories, and people across our beautiful country and as many places around the world as I can explore. I find equal joy in virtual journeys as well as physical travels. The combination of experiencing local cuisine, architecture, art, language, and engaging with people is truly exhilarating. The world is a remarkable place, brimming with beauty, and each day I strive to witness and embrace more. My bucket list never seems to shrink because there is always so much more to discover.