2023 August Spotlight

George Yacus

At SPQA, our support in helping organizations on their journey to excellence leverages the talents and experiences of our volunteer workforce. Each workforce member has a unique story to tell. In this article we have interviewed George Yacus to get his story.

Why did you choose to become a Board Member for SPQA? 

Our doctoral program at ODU had some focus on quality management systems.  Following that, the U.S. Coast Guard used Baldrige to evaluate our field and HQ units.  Bob Bowles was the SPQA director at the time, and he was part of our Coast Guard family at the Finance Center.

What has been your favorite part of being a Board Member? 

Being part of a movement to manage better that applied to all types of organizations.  In my view, having a Ph.D. in Management, it is still the best holistic method for continuous improvement and achieving world-class results.

What do you most want to learn from this experience? 

I really want to see Baldrige become the premier methodology to help organizations become the best they can, regardless of organizational size or sector.

What have you gained from being a Board Member?          

I have been part of a cadre of quality professionals, and also kept up with changes that Baldrige has evolved over time.  I enjoy having the perspective of how to improve organizations and a methodology to do so.   

What is the hobby you’re most passionate about?

Being the leader of a performing rock and roll band, The Phun Doctors Band (www.phundoctors.com)