Voices of Examiners 2019

Being a member of the SPQA Board of Examiners is a tremendous learning experience. Examiners learn about and apply the Baldrige Criteria and Framework in their role as a SPQA examiner. “You meet a lot of outstanding individuals as examiners and applicants; the examiner training is considered one of the best leadership courses in the nation,” (MLB, 2019). “Being a SPQA Examiner helps me view an organization in a holistic way – seeing its operations and functions as an interconnected system, not just separate functions and roles. You will learn and then see for yourself how an organization can be systematically assessed and then provided a plan <feedback report> for making improvements that will contribute to its overall performance and success” (Jim Neuburger Fuel Consulting, LLC SPQA Board of Examiners since 2003 (12 years)). Examiners consistently value learning about the processes and approaches used by other organizations including leadership models, workforce practices, and innovate approaches as well as “being part of a team that helps Virginia and District of Columbia organizations be more efficient and productive in the world market .” (Andy Baan, 2019).


Consider joining us as an Examiner in 2020 or starting the journey by participating in any of our Criteria Training programs in 2020.