Performance Signs, LLC – 1st Cohort, 2015

Quoted from a 2019 email –

Going through the Baldrige Criteria challenged us to think about our company in ways that we had not considered.  We had to remove ourselves from the company and look at it from a different perspective.  This was both painful and rewarding.

When we had to describe exactly how we lead, make decisions and develop processes, a different reality of our company emerged.  

We’ve used the feedback we’ve received on our Baldrige assessment, the time with our mentors and our cohorts to embrace who we are now and also improve to who we want to become. 

We have also used the assessment when communicating with partners to help tell the story of our company.  We provided it to our web developer when we were developing a new website.  We used excerpts for resumes, loan applications and discussions with potential new hires.

Years later, during times of peril, we look back at the assessment and remember the process.  This serves as a reminder of who we were and how far we’ve come. 


Katherine D. Morris, President, Performance Signs, LLC, Ruckersville, VA.