National Security and Door

National Security and Door Corp. – 2nd Cohort, 2017

National Security & Door participated in the One’s To Watch Program that ran in 2017/2018. We are about a year removed from a hands-on active program participation. The techniques and methods presented in Baldrige for building a better business operation were excellent in nature. The task of applying these lessons into an active day to day small business operation is challenging. We recognize this is not an instant fix proposition but one that needs to be invested in and integrated into the existing business operation over time.  We are experiencing our best ever sales revenue numbers this year. We attribute this sales growth to a number of current market factors with the Baldrige influence over operations being one of those markers. We are thankful we were selected for this program and greatly appreciate the opportunity for learning it brought to National Security & Door.

Donna Douglas served as our mentor and I would be remiss if I did not mention the outstanding coaching effort she provided throughout this process. She really made the Baldrige methods meaningful to our small business efforts, when at times they seemed only designed to speak to larger organizations. So now, if the state could only embed Donna Douglas or the “Donna Douglas Clone” into the small business community for specified amounts of time, for free, then we would be rocking. Please put our name near the top of the list for that program when the state figures out how to offer it.

Thanks to all the folks who worked in the Ones To Watch program during our session. I’m sure there are more “Clones” in this bunch as well. It was a great experience and time well spent for myself as the National Security & Door active participant.

Scott Childress, National Security and Door Corp., Richmond, VA.