Benefits of an Examiner

Below are 20 benefits of being an Examiner. The tremendous professional development opportunity of being a hard-working, engaged examiner offers:

      1. A resume-noticeable accomplishment,
      2. Public recognition of accomplishment including a certificate and employer letter signed by Virginia’s Senators,
      3. Continued personal learning and professional development – sharpening skills and adding knowledge valuable to other types of certification efforts,
      4. Recertification or continuing education credits in some professions and certifications, e.g. ASQ,
      5. Mental stimulation, acuity, and agility gained from participating in the evaluation process and interacting with other examiners,
      6. Applied knowledge of the Baldrige Excellence Framework including its “World Class” Criteria for Performance Excellence,
      7. Understanding how to apply the Framework in one’s own organization,
      8. Strengthen your ability to use the Baldrige Excellence Framework for organizational assessment,
      9. Develop analytical, team-work and consensus-building skills and a systems perspective that can be applied at your home or organization,
      10. Exposure to best practices from other organizations and sectors to apply in one’s own organization,
      11. Networking with performance excellence professionals who share a common language,
      12. Complimentary registration for Examiner Training, and registration discounts for other SPQA events, e.g. the Inquirer’s Guide to the Baldrige Framework Workshop, which is held several times annually,
      13. A developmental path for advancing in the SPQA Program,
      14. Potential advancement to the National Baldrige Program,
      15. Experiencing a sense of pride and giving back to the community,
      16. Even though there is a good deal of work involved in being an Examiner – the return on investment (ROI) is HUGE!,
      17. The people you meet are top notch,
      18. Exposure to different business and industry sectors and models expands your horizons,
      19. Experiencing a profound sense of accomplishment for a job well done when an evaluation cycle is completed,
      20.  And best of all, it is a lot of fun!