The national Baldrige Performance Excellence Program offers several resources for organizations just getting started in the Baldrige approach. The links below take you to resources at the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program website.

Baldrige Resources

  1. Learn the Value of Baldrige
  2. New to Baldrige
  3. Self-Assessing using Baldrige
  4. Baldrige Improvement Tools
  5. Integrating Baldrige with Other Tools
  6. Baldrige Key Terms


Since 1992, GENEDGE has been a business consulting organization providing Virginia’s industrial and manufacturing sectors access to expert business solutions, which otherwise are often only accessible to larger companies. GENEDGE is part of the Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP), a national network of over 50 centers, providing access to industry-wide benchmarks and proven, results-based solutions.

Genedge Resources

  1. Case Studies
  2. Genedge Events
  3. Announcements