Pre-conf. Workshops at the Baldrige Fall Conf., Oct. 24-25, in Nashville

The Baldrige Fall conference features three very strong pre-conference workshops. Summaries below, more detail on the Program Agenda. Registration is now open.

  1. Led by by David McClaskey, President and Cofounder, and David Jones, VP, of Pal’s Business Excellence Institute (a past national award recipient), which trains thousands of leaders from all over the world in performance and operations excellence. The workshop entitled, Excellence is in the Details, teaches how to push beyond the 85% required to make a transaction complete to tackle that 15% that takes an organization to Learn a systematic approach for designing the details into service, product, and people processes through Baldrige award-winning examples and practice exercises; and, how to deploy to the entire organization.


  1. Led by JoAnn Sternke, Senior Leader & Coach, Studer Education (a past national award recipient), and titled, Baldrige 101 – How to Build More Excellence into Your Operations with a focus on innovation. Leave this session understanding principals of the Baldrige Framework, how using it will help your organization become more innovative including a multi-step process to finding innovative solutions.


  1. Led by Steve Hunt, President, Hunt BI, who was inducted into the Cybersecurity Industry Hall of Fame and whose analyses have appeared in the Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times. The workshop, titled Using Baldrige Cyber to Make your Organization Cyber-Resilient, will include his techniques for easily and systematically making any organization more resistant to cyber attacks by using Baldrige Cyber and other performance excellence elements.

Contact Marcia Harrington, PhD, Executive Director, SPQA, for more information.