Highground Services

Highground Services, Inc. is an engineering corporation that specializes in process control, system automation, and instrumentation projects in industrial and municipal markets.  Highground Services, Inc. was formed as a partnership of two established engineering businesses – Maximum Controls, Inc. and Industrial Systems Engineering, LLC.

The founders of Highground Services, Inc. (John WarrenJames StrozierRose Warren, and Lisa Strozier), have a combined total of nearly 60 years of engineering experience, as well as almost 20 years of combined experience in managing an engineering business.  The alliance of these two successful engineering firms was intended to allow the combined company to grow faster than the two organizations could grow individually, and to continue to deliver high quality services to their clients.

Highground Services, Inc. began performing project work in August of 2007.  Since that time, we have completed numerous projects for a broad range of clients.  We have also developed a broad customer base that extends across a wide range of industries, all of which generated a large amount of repeat business.  Because of this increased business activity, the company has grown to a total of 65+ employees.

The mission of Highground Services, Inc. is to provide high quality engineering within the specialized field of process controls, in a consistent, efficient, and profitable manner.  Highground Services, Inc. supplies engineering services to industrial and municipal customers, specializing in process control.  Our primary market is the eastern seaboard of the U.S., with a focus on the industrial, municipal, and government projects.

We perform a variety of services, including process control, electrical engineering, facilities management, instrument technicians, environmental technicians, technical writers, and document management experts.  Highground Services, Inc. is also licensed as a Class A General Contractor.

Highground Services, Inc.’s overall objective for the future is to expand to a medium-sized engineering business over the next decade through carefully controlled growth, and for this business model to provide an adequate source of revenue and income for its owners and employees.  We plan to achieve this objective by strategically expanding our customer base, in both industrial applications and government contracts, primarily in the mid-east region.

Our company has a number of strengths, most important being our people.  Highground Services, Inc.’s employees have a combined total of nearly 400 years of industrial experience.  James Strozier is a registered Professional Engineer.  The goal of Highground Services, Inc. management is to continue to grow the business by expanding our customer base in a thoughtful, controlled manner, and simultaneously deliver a consistently high quality of service.  We have a dedicated staff of well trained and accomplished employees, and we plan to use our past successes to build into future opportunities.

Highground Services, Inc. is poised to succeed and to grow.  We currently have in place a strong, experienced management team and work force, with the skills that are in high demand.  Our company already has an impressive list of completed projects, and a large number of prospects for future growth.