Executive Director Recruitment

The Virginia SPQA is looking for a VOLUNTEER Executive Director. This position will be for a one-year term, with a three-year renewable option at the discretion of the SPQA Board.

As a SPQA Executive Director, you will:

  • Serve as the main point of contact for customers, sponsors, and key external stakeholder. You will provide support in the execution of the Vice Chair’s responsibilities. In the absence of the Chair, Vice Chair of strategy, Vice Chair of operations of if there are not such officers, the Executive Director shall preside at all corporate meetings.
  • You will perform all duties as Executive director and such other duties as from time to time may be assigned by the board of directors.
  • Attend all SPQA Board and executive committee meetings as a nonvoting member.
  • Establish monthly deliverables such as training, presentations, and other outreach and marketing activities.
  • Work with the SPQA Board and executive committee to market SPQA.

We are looking for Someone Who Is…

  • Passionate about helping to grow SPQA’s relevance and sustainability.
  • Committed to SPQA’s mission to promote continual improvement strategies and to provide training, mentoring, and recognition to organizations in pursuit of performance excellence.
  • An experienced team leader and a respectful, engaged contributor to a dynamic, multi-faceted team.
  • Adept at working with virtual teams (i.e., geographically distributed colleagues)
  • A strong written and oral communicator
  • A strategic thinker who can prioritize among competing needs.

Other Key Information

  • 100% Volunteer position.
  • We will allow for compensation for $100 honorarium plus travel/per diem for each out- of-town outreach/marketing activity.
  • We will pay registration and travel per diem for Quest.
  • This role may be based anywhere in Virginia or the District of Columbia.


  • Several years (5+) of experience with SPQA and/or Baldrige
  • Experience with conducting Baldrige assessments

If you are interested, please submit your resume to Kim.Humphrey@SPQA-VA.org.


SPQA has a strict policy against discrimination of any kind, including discrimination based on race, color, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, age, occupation, social, political or economic conditions or genetic information. Members, presenters, vendors, employees, and others involved in AME are considered without regard to race, color, religion, sex, pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditions, national origin, age, ancestry, citizenship status, veteran status, disability, genetic information, unfavorable discharge from military status, marital status, genetic information, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic protected by law.