Add to Your Professional Resume, Serve as an Examiner

SPQA’s success and the success of the organization’s it serves depends in part on the dedication and service of its volunteer Examiners. They are trained to provide feedback to  Award Applicants, to Discovery Program Participants, and to the organizations in the Ones to Watch small business program, all through the lens of the Baldrige Excellence Framework.

Being an Examiner is an honor and a potential career enhancer. It also is a tremendous learning experience. Examiners dedicate an average of 80 -180 hours (Discovery and Ones to Watch are on the low end) each year to reviewing SPQA applications (i.e., an organization’s self-assessment), participating in site visits, and writing detailed feedback reports.

Examiners come from all professions; the common denominator is an interest in organizational performance excellence and improvement. To ensure expertise is present and consistently applied, Examiners are required to participate in extensive training prior to being assigned to an application review team. New Examiners are supported by a mentor and paired with more experienced Examiners in evaluation teams.  See the Learn More about being an Examiner post, below.

Examiners are needed for the Virginia SPQA Award, and the Discovery and Ones to Watch Programs. Requirements and processes for each type of Examiner review vary. Examiner applications are generally accepted October through December. All Examiners (new and returning), must apply each year they wish to serve and are trained each year they serve.

SPQA provides documentation on request for recertification units. To learn more about becoming an Examiner, contact the Executive Director via email or at 571.215.8881.

Board of Examiners for SPQA 2019 Award Cycle

Below are the individuals who sacrificed time and family to review the applications of organizations interested in improvement. We will publicly thank these individuals at a Reception in their honor on Oct 30. In addition, we post their names here as recognition.  Thank you all for your commitment, energy and insight. Andy Baan Angela Bandy…

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Learn more about being an Examiner

Thank you for your interest in becoming a SPQA Examiner. Conducting an examination of an outside organization is the best way to learn how to apply the Baldrige Excellence Framework in your organization. The team approach focuses on the examination process and on building examiner skills in using the Framework. The Examiner Guide (downloadable here) provides…

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20 Benefits of Being an Examiner

A resume-noticeable accomplishment Public recognition of accomplishment including a certificate and employer letter signed by Virginia’s Senators Continued personal learning and professional development – sharpening skills and adding knowledge valuable to other types of certification efforts Recertification or continuing education credits in some professions and certifications, e.g. ASQ Mental stimulation, acuity, and agility gained from…

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