SPQA does not provide traditional consulting services. Still, some organizations find it helpful to seek outside advice from individuals knowledgeable about the Baldrige Performance Excellence Framework.

For these organizations, the SPQA Consultant Registry might be helpful. The Registry focuses on individuals and their specific talent as opposed to the company for which they work.  Registration is open to individuals who comply with the experience standard which includes:

  1. having been an Examiner for a state, national or other Baldrige based program,
  2. attended Baldrige Excellence Framework training (as a participant and/or deliverer) and,
  3. has at least one client listing for past performance inquiries.

Whether an organization looking for a consultant or consultant looking for an organization, please review the Registry Policy.

Information for Organizations in need of a Consultant

Individual Consultant Experience Profiles are available for review under the Consultant Registry.

SPQA does not recommend consultants, formally validate Profiles, or guarantee work quality. SPQA does not involve itself with tasks, fees, or other arrangements beyond the Consultant’s obligation as outlined in Consultant Registry Policy, nor does it guarantee any contract or obligation entered into between a Consultant and an Organization. Organizations should contact the Consultant(s) directly for references and/or information necessary to make informed decisions and/or seek proposals.

Information for Consultants in need of an Organization

Individual Consultant Experience Profiles are posted under the Consultant Registry. Consultants use a standard Profile Template. SPQA does not validate a Profile but relies on self-certification. Profiles are limited to 2 pages. Periodically, consultants may be asked for a Profile update. SPQA reserves the right to remove a Profile at its sole discretion for any reason. SPQA will not solicit consulting clients.  However, SPQA will advertise and direct program participates to the Registry as a potential resource and encourages consultant workshop proposals for the Annual Forum for Performance Excellence. Finally, consultants who are active in the SPQA program as an Examiner, Board Member, or other key participant in the examination process are subject to ethics requirements.

Needed to Participate

Organizations and/or Consultants will need the following available for download on the right of this page.

  1. The Consultant Registry Policy  (PDF)should be reviewed by organizations and consultants.
  2. The Consultant Experience Profile Template (MSWord) for consultants to complete and return to director@spqa-va.org for review and posting.
  3. The individual Consultant Profiles (PDF) for review.

To learn more about SPQA’s Consultant Registry, contact executive.director@spqa-va.org or call 571.215.8881.


Registry Policy
Experience Template

Consultant Profiles

Jay Fagden
Denise Haynes
Steve Holcomb
Jane Keathley
Mike Novak
Doug Serrano
Donna Witten