Our Board of Examiners

Below are the names of the individuals who sacrificed time and family to review and provide helpful feedback to the organizations that submitted an application for the Senate Productivity and Quality Award. These persons comprise the esteemed membership of our Board of Examiners. We post their names here in recognition of the significant investment in the work of SPQA in facilitating organizational improvement.

Thank you all for your tremendous commitment, energy and insight.


Zyad Ads

Kim Bond

JoAnn Britt

Clyneice Chaney

Beth Edwards

Veronica Gordon

Taneshia Jones

Miriram Kmetzo

Jeff Lucas

Victoria McNamee

Jim Nelson

Michael Novak

Jim Neuburger

Jacob Parcell

Donna Petrus

Ronnie Peyton

Kristen Sisaithong

James Spengler

Camille Thornton

Fonda Vera




Andy Baan

Angela Bandy

Mike Belter

Kim Bond

Steve BonkĀ 

Charlene Bridges

JoAnne Britt

Claudia Butler

Clyneice Chaney

Barbara Farrington

Eric Fletcher

Audris Ford

Kelly GilfillenĀ 

Garret Heath

Marcia Harrington

Henrisa Haskell

Helena Machado

Eric Malloy

Mike Moreau

Tina Moreau

Jim Neuburger

Mike Novak

Rao Sukumar

Matt Smith

James Spengler

Phillip St. Ours

Camille Thornton

Kevin Wright

Amanda Yanez